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POLLARD, A.W. (Editor). THE LIBRARY. A Quarterly Review of Bibliography. Fourth Series Vol III. £ 10.00

Contains Elizabethan Handwriting: A Preliminary Sketch by Hilary Jenkinson; The Refusal of Ye Hand: A Mock-Heroical Poem by G.C. Moore Smith; Richard Pynson, Glover and Printer by H.R. Plomer; Facsimiles of Elizabethan Literary Hands; Notes on Old Books by W.W. Greg; The First English Printers and Their Patrons by H.B. Lathrop; Some Notes on the History of Copyright in England 1622 - 1774 by A.W. Pollard; The Listes Generales des Postes de France 1708 - 789 and the Jaillots, Geographes Ordinaires du Roi by Sir H. George GFordham; Recent Books on Binding by Strickland Gibson; Books Printed at Lyons in the Sixteenth Century by A.F. Johnson; Printing with Figures : A Note by R.W. Chapman; The Licensing o the 'Mirror for Magistrates' by Eveline Iris Feasey; Eliot's Court Press. Decorative Blocks and Initials by H.R. Plomer; Thomas Heywood's 'Art of Love' lost and found by Arthur M. Clark; Shakespeare's Printers and Publishers. With special reference to the Poems and Hamlet by Harry Farr; William Strahan and his Ledgers by R.A. Austen; The Literature of the Historu of Printing in the United States: A Survey by G.P. Winship; An unrecorded Spanish Incunable by Stephen Gaselee; & The Two Issues of Day's 'Isle of Gulls' 1606 by W.W. Greg. For the Bibliographical Society by Oxford University Press. 1923. pp. vi, 320. 6 plates. 4to. Quarter cloth, boards. Original wrappers and adverts bound in. Transactions of the Bibliographical Society Second Series Vol III.

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